You Don’t Take A Picture -You Make It.

September 28, 2018

Adina Stiles Photography | Washington and Seattle Wedding & Portraits Photographer

You don't take a picture, you make it. Molly's eyes

You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” – Ansel Adams

The saying is true, “You Don’t Take A Picture. You Make It.” When I go to take a picture, I think of the best way for my subject to stand, even the light. Where does the light catch their eyes? Can the sun reflect off their hair? Does the light make them squint or is it all just perfect? Honestly, those questions run through my head before I press the button on my camera.

There’s a story behind each one and my camera is my tool to capture a moment worthy of pause and remembrance. Making a good picture takes skill, not just a fancy camera. It’s knowing how to use the light and capture the essence of the person being brave enough to be on that side of the lens. I love how she rocks this hat. I love the look of her eyes. And, I can only imagine as she looks at her future what she sees.

You don't take a picture you make it. Molly in the purple hat.

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