Anneke and Tim

January 5, 2020

Close up of the BrideAnneke and Tim’s Wedding

An intimate Washington Wedding
WeddingShepherd of the Valley Church, Orting, WA
Reception: Steeped in Comfort, Lakewood, WA
January 1st, 2020

My sweet friend Anneke reached out to me in December of 2019.  She asked me if I would be her photographer for her intimate, family ceremony. Anneke wanted to start the year out right by kicking it off on New Year’s Day with her Washington wedding. Without hesitation, I agreed. Shepherd of the Valley Church in Orting, WA

A few months earlier, I watched Anneke and Tim laugh and joke at our high school reunion.  It was truly evident that they were made for each other. To be honest, I was a delight to see how happy they were. Knowing my friend, I knew she deserved some happiness and love. And, of course I was thrilled that she would ask me to capture her special day. 

The Wedding Day:

When I arrived at this cute, little church with its classic steeple and nestled in the valley of Orting for this Washington wedding, it was chilly and cloudy.  And yet, there was excitement in the air. Shortly after I arrived, Anneke arrived with her hair ready and her beautiful dress in hand. When we talked about this day, Anneke told me she wanted to make sure she had pictures with her mom and daughter. She said to me she wanted pictures that would capture her and Tim’s love for one another.

The Details: 

The bride’s wedding colors were royal blue, silver and white. Cleverly, I noticed her daughter wore a blue tulle dress with glittered sneakers and carried a little glittered purse filled with little blue petals. The corsages and boutonnières were handmade and sweetly reflecting the day. Anneke’s bouquet was a beautiful silver creation she found in Mexico. Her shoes were bedazzled with gems stones and delicate heels.

The Ceremony:


First, I noticed that Tim, the groom, wore a black tux with a royal blue tie and all the groomsmen consisted of the bride and groom’s sons. Their families all gathered together to celebrate and take part in this precious ceremony of the union of two very amazing people. Then, with my camera in hand, I did my best to capture the little moments.  For example, when the bride’s daughter played her guitar and each child read a message to the couple.

Then, the groom jokingly told me about the lack of colors for the cords used for the knot tying ceremony. And, Even I got teary eyed when the groom gave the bride’s daughter her own ring. My heart swelled when he mentioned that he finally had a daughter.

I saw the bride escorted by her two older sons down the aisle. Even though the church wasn’t big, I still had to maneuver around pews to get the best shots. Honestly, I loved the smiles on their faces as they walked down the aisle. Even when I captured the husband and wife at the end of their ceremony, they wore huge smiles.

I just had to watch as they put together a fun video using the song, “Now I Had The Time Of My Life,” from the movie, Dirty Dancing with all their guests. I noticed the movie montage included a leap by the daughter into the groom’s arms at the end during this sweet Washington wedding.

Luckily, I took some outside pictures before the sky opened up and drenched us with rain. Then, I used the rain to create an intimate moment for them to cuddle and kiss on the back porch of the church. There’s nothing like a rain shower to create impromptu intimacy for my camera to capture.

The Reception:

First, we headed to the reception at Steeped in Comfort for some great food. Thankfully, it was only a short trip from the church to the restaurant. Surprisingly, this little restaurant served the best food. Of course, there was an assortment of tea and delicate tasty, cakes and pastries on tiered plates for the guests.  I have found with so many kids in the pictures, I find it’s always a challenge to keep them engaged. But, I love how their character is reflected throughout the photos of the day. All of the children clearly made an effort to help make this a fun and special day for their parents.

This was how I kicked off my 2020 Wedding Season and I am thrilled it was with these two lovebirds. To be honest, I feel so honored to be the one that was able to capture their special day.

Please note, if you’re looking for a professional photographer in Washington State or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest for your Washington wedding, contact me. I would love to help you document these special moments!