Snoqualmie Pass Engagement

November 20, 2022

Snoqualmie Falls Engagement

Allison & Travis | Engagement at Snoqualmie Pass

snoqualmie pass engagement

Snoqualmie Pass at Iron Horse State Park and Snoqualmie Falls

Originally, I planned to take Allison and Travis on a short trek to Snoqualmie Falls. But, it didn’t work as planned. Instead, we went up a little past North Bend, WA to Iron Horse State Park. Both are part of Snoqualmie Pass. The falling water stream across the road from the small parking lot is worth the hike. This stream is lined with large rocks and moss and has an old-growth forest surrounding it. This is the perfect place for a Snoqualmie Pass Engagement.

Midway to the top, we found a trestle bridge that is perfect for rock climbers to practice on. When we got almost to the top of the solid rock that juts out of the ground, we encountered rock climbers in various stages of traversing the rock face. Plus, icicles had formed in some of the ledges of the rock. 

At the top, the wind was a bit gusty. We walked along the bridge to the other side and then hiked back down to the valley below. Once across the road, we went to the river’s edge for a few more shots. Then, I promised to take them back to Snoqualmie Falls for a few more shots. One cool fact about Iron Horse State Park is how it connects with the Palouse to the Cascade State Park Trail.  

Snoqualmie Pass Engagement

We met Allison and Travis at the lower parking lot at Snoqualmie Falls. There is a path and a boardwalk to the viewing area for the Falls. It’s often crowded with tourists and requires patience to get a clear photo without other people in your view. You can also go to the upper parking lot and view Snoqualmie Falls from above. 

Instead, we tried the other side of the river but my access was messed up and so we had to do plan B. We ended up going up to Iron Horse State Park instead. There is a creek that flows over large boulders down a hill with a hiking trail right next to the stream. 

I encouraged Allison and Travis to bring hiking shoes to change into so they didn’t slip and fall. As we walked up we used the rock structures, tree stumps, and fallen logs as props for photos along the way. 

At the top, we found icicles to use when we highlighted the ring. It was colder in spots, especially with the wind but overall it was a beautiful day. 

The Couple

I love finding out how couples meet and how they propose. Allison and Travis both seemed adventurous and fun. I liked hearing their story and how they got together. We talked about their interests and listened to their future wedding plans. Hearing their story made the choice of Snoqualmie Pass the perfect spot for their engagement photos. Because they were willing to try a new spot, we ended up getting pictures you don’t often see.

the ring Snoqualmie Falls Engagement

The Engagement Ring

I love hearing the story behind the engagement ring. I’ve heard everything from how the proposal happened to the reason for the stones picked. The ring is part of the story and often a big part of it.

Looking at this beautiful ring and you just know it was a careful selection. The diamond solitaire was stunning. It’s framed by a scalloped edge of smaller diamonds around the band. I found plenty of moss to get a few pictures of this breathtaking ring plus an icicle, too.

The Photos

To be honest, this wasn’t the shoot we had planned but it was still a fun adventure. The weather was a bit cold at times and windy but nothing we couldn’t handle. I honestly never know what to expect at this place but I am so glad they were willing to try this spot. Enjoy their engagement photos including their champagne toast!

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