A Father/Daughter Moment is Simply Precious

September 17, 2018

Adina Stiles Photography | Washington and Seattle Wedding & Portraits Photographer

A Father/Daughter moment is Simply PreciousA Father/Daughter Moment is Simply Precious

There are moments I love to capture and one of them is by far when a father looks at his daughter. To me, a father/daughter moment is simply precious. It’s unique to them. As Usha Ganeriwal has said, “A father’s love for his daughter is unexpressed. He is the thinker, life mentor, supporter in every walk of life.”

In my opinion, you don’t make a photograph by just pressing a button on a camera. No, it’s about all the pictures you have seen, the people you have known, the music you have heard even the books you have read.  I love this shot of a dad and his daughter. It’s simply precious. It reminds me of those moments with my own dad. I hear his voice as he joked or worked. A father/daughter moment is simply precious. His advice about life. I actually remember waking up to realize we made it home from a trip and he was carrying me from the car into the house so I could stay asleep. I sometimes wish these photos were more in motion so you could see the interaction between the two.

A father-daughter moment is simply precious. Special moments like this are what every photographer aims for. She might not remember this moment but she will have the captured memory to reflect on. These moments – they are simply precious. 

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