Welcome to the Newborn and Maternity Portfolio by Adina Stiles Photography page.  Newborn and Maternity photos are time-sensitive. The best time to take Maternity photos is usually between the end of the second and the beginning of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This time narrows for those with high-risk pregnancies such as multiple births or if you typically deliver early. And, Newborn portrait sessions should be done between the first and second week of life.

Maternity sessions hold a special place in my heart. Here are some tips to keep in mind when wanting to schedule a maternity shoot:

  • The best time to schedule a maternity photoshoot is roughly between 28 and 35 weeks.
  • Just like all the other shoots I do, the location can be anywhere you feel comfortable. I want you to be safe and enjoy the shoot during our time together and I will give suggestions on locations if you aren’t sure where to go.
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. If you need ideas, I am glad to make suggestions. This includes shoes. Where something that you feel confident in and if you have a pair of shoes that you want in your pictures, bring a spare pair with you for walking around.
  • Include your partner and older children in the shoot. And, talk to your photographer about what you have in mind.

Newborn photography is one of my favorite types of photoshoots. There is something precious about these little moments in time. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to have your newborn photographed:  ⁣

  • Babies tend to go on their schedule. Pick a time when your little one normally goes down for a nap. ⁣
  • The best time to take newborn photos is between 7 and 14 days. If it’s outside that window it’s fine but keep in mind you probably will have more awake time. ⁣
  • Figure out if you have any special outfits you want to have them photographed in, including hats. ⁣
  • Most newborn photographers have some props. Let your photographer know if you want to use a certain color in your photos for blankets and wraps. ⁣
  • Some photographers have a studio you can go to for the shoot. Others will come to your home. I prefer to come to you as it’s easier for everyone. ⁣
  • I bring a space heater for the shoot but it is better for the baby if it’s warmer in the room the shoot will take place in. Turn up the heat an hour or two before the shoot as most babies sleep better and longer in a warmed-up room.⁣
  • Though some babies only take an hour to photograph, depending on how sleepy your baby is during the shoot it can take up to 4 hours to get all the shots.⁣
  • Let your photographer handle the positioning as much as possible. This can help your baby to not think it’s feeding time. ⁣

Since these two types of sessions go hand-in-hand, the sooner you schedule your Newborn and Maternity sessions, the better prepared you will be. I take the time to get shots you will cherish for a lifetime. If you are pregnant and are close to term or just had a little one in the Seattle, Washington area, let’s chat.