Ravenwoods Farm Wedding

July 24, 2022

Ravenwoods Farm Wedding - Magda and Coley

Magdalena and Coley’s Wedding
Where (Wedding & Reception): Ravenwoods Farm
Ravensdale, WA
On: July 23rd, 2022

Bride and Groom at Ravenwoods Farm

The Ravenwoods Farm

Magda and Coley’s wedding was at Ravenwoods Farm in Ravensdale, Washington. This venue is cleverly placed with parking along the paved lane to the barn and the house. There is a graveled path to the ceremony area with wooden benches nestled in the forest around the venue. Behind the house is a barnyard of all sorts of animals including; goats, sheep, bunnies, a spotted pig, and chickens. The best part of this venue is it’s intimate setting. It’s perfect for a micro or mini wedding.

The wedding planners, bartender, and DJ were busy decorating the reception tables and the ceremony area when I arrived. Next, I found the groom outside visiting with his family. While the bride got her hair done in the bridal suite. The barn doors were open while the barn activities filled the air with excitement for the upcoming celebration.

Arriving At the Ravenwoods Farm Wedding

Firstly, it was a beautiful day to celebrate Magda and Coley’s special day. In fact, the weather was simply perfect. Ravenwoods Farm isn’t far from one of my childhood homes so I am familiar with the neighborhood. It felt like going down memory lane to be there. When my husband and I arrived at Ravenwoods Farm, most of the family had already arrived. I had explored the venue a few weeks before in order to figure out where all the little spots around the farm were to get great shots on the wedding day for the bride and groom.

The Details

The bride’s ring was a beautiful diamond solitaire with a wedding band that hugged the diamond with smaller diamonds in a leaf-type design. Impressively, the groom’s ring was silver with a black checkered band. I am still in love with the bride’s bouquet with an array of dainty white and soft blue flowers that fit perfectly with the bride’s dress. Similarly, the cake design matched the soft blue theme. The cake was 2-tiered and had a “Mr. and Mrs.” sign on top with two peonies and greenery nestled around the bottom edge of the cake on a wooden cake stand. There was a guest book and gifts table just outside the barn. Guests could use polaroid cameras to capture themselves and other guests with added props on the guestbook and gift table.

Certainly, each carefully crafted detail made this wedding one of the greatest I have ever seen. To me, the best events are the ones that are personal and reflect the couple. This one did not disappoint. Interestingly, the bride’s family traveled to the US to celebrate this beautiful day. Noticeably, their specially chosen guests fit the intimate feel of the venue.

The Bride

The bride was already in the process of getting ready when I arrived. She was getting her hair and makeup done in the little loft in the barn. She finished her handwritten vows as I took pictures of the rings, dress, and shoes. Her dress had a fitted lace bodice and a flowing skirt. Her fingertip-length veil was at the base of her bun with sprigs of baby’s breath flowers in her hair and cute white heels to complete her outfit. Though her mom had passed, her presence was remembered with little details throughout the ceremony and preparations.

The Groom

Honestly, I knew when I met Magda and Coley that they were going to be fun to photograph and I wasn’t disappointed. Coley was already ready when I arrived. He was outside the barn helping his family with putting on boutonnières and directing guests to where the ceremony would be. In my opinion, the groom was perfectly dressed wearing a black tux with a baby blue vest and bowtie. He was definitely all smiles throughout the wedding day.


Since the bride and groom choose not to do a first look, as a result, it was a surprise for the groom to see Magda as she walked down the aisle with her dad. At Ravenwoods farm, the ceremony area is nestled up on the hill above the barn and farmhouse, and yard. There was a center aisle with wooden benches on each side. At the front of the ceremony area, there was a wooden arch with baby blue flowers and ribbon draped over the top and left side.

First, the groom walked down the aisle, followed by the flower girl who tossed red rose petals out of a white basket as she walked down the aisle. She wore a floral wreath in her hair and a pretty pink gown. The ring bearer carried the rings in a little wooden box. And, the bride gracefully arrived on her dad’s arm and walked to the front of the ceremony area.

I found it sweet to see the couple holding hands as they exchanged their vows. The officiant incorporated the bride’s mother into the ceremony in a very meaningful way. And, after the exchange of rings, the couple did a sand ceremony with their son using blue and white sand. Last, a toss of more petals by the flower girl punctuated their first kiss.

Once the main ceremony concluded, the couple and witnesses signed the marriage license with the officiant.

Wedding Party and Family Photos

Once the marriage license was signed, I took family and wedding party photos at the edge of the ceremony area at Ravenwoods Farm. We had the forest as a backdrop as we took some beautiful photos of the family. Meanwhile, it was super cute to see the flower girl spin in a circle with her basket. If you ask me, family photos, especially those of family that lives far away, are immeasurably important. Obviously, when I took their photos, I knew it was one of the most priceless parts of what I do.

Cocktail Hour & Couple Shots

Next, as soon as the family photos concluded, I used that time to take photos of the couple around the Ravenwoods Farm. We started up at the edge of the ceremony area and moved down to the side of the barn, and followed that with the circle swing in the yard. We took photos by the animal barn and along the forest path by the farmhouse and finished along the driveway. As I often do, I gave the couple a moment or two to themselves so I could get ready for their grand entrance and give them some alone time. In my estimation, the couple shots are some of my favorites.

While the couple and I were taking the couple shots, the guests were able to eat from the charcuterie board-style appetizers and get drinks from the bar in the barn. Next, the finishing touches were put on the head table and dessert table by the wedding coordinators with a champagne wall just outside the back door of the barn.

The Reception at the Ravenwoods Farm Wedding

For a grand entrance, the couple came through the large door entrance at the front of the barn. The guests were served at a potluck-style sideboard. Once the meal had concluded, a few of their guests gave toasts. As is tradition, the couple cut their cake on a wine barrel in front of everyone and then fed each other a bite of their delicious cake. On top of the blue and white two-tiered cake with white flowers at the base, sat a silhouette of the couple and their son.

As the DJ played music and their guests looked on, the couple danced their first dance. Finally, I am so glad I could capture their special moments, including the father and bride dance and mother and son dance, too. I took more photos of guests dancing and outside the barn for Magda and Coley. Lastly, they were all still dancing when I finished the event.

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