Point Defiance Engagement

May 14, 2022

Point Defiance Park Engagement

Erika & Taylor | Engagement at Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park Engagement - Erika and Taylor

Point Defiance Park

This wasn’t my first trip to Point Defiance Park for an engagement in Tacoma, WA. I brought with me my friend, Amy as it’s always nice to have an extra set of hands for photoshoots. Meeting Erika and Taylor for their engagement photos was such fun!

When I put together a post, I often try to find out some of the history of the location where the photoshoot took place.  In this case, Point Defiance started as a military reservation sometime in 1840. But, it wasn’t ever used by the military. In 1888, it became a park where streetcars brought visitors to explore the gardens. At some point, it became a seaside resort with heated saltwater bathing. 

It’s home to amazing gardens and wildlife that features a zoo and aquarium. Near the park is a ferry dock to Vashon Island with a curvy path that lines the harbor. There are beach views, forest areas, and grassy patches perfect for portraits. 

Point Defiance Engagement

When Amy and I first arrived at Point Defiance Park, our eyes caught a bald eagle majestically perched in the trees near the pond. As we watched, the eagle swooped down and tried to grab some baby ducks from their nest and while they swam in the pond itself. I don’t think I have been that close to a bald each before and though it was quite spectacular it was also sad to realize some of the ducks were caught.

We met up with Erika and Taylor shortly after and started in the gardens to capture their engagement. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining and the weather was decent. Though we weren’t the only ones at the park, we had plenty of space to get all sorts of poses. My favorite part of engagement shoots is giving a couple a chance to practice dips and lifts. It allows me to explain some of the basics to getting the perfect look during a wedding day. Between the little baby ducks, the eagle and all the dogs it was quite the day at Point Defiance Park.

Unfortunately, the archway of roses was not in bloom and we were not allowed inside it but we still found some beautiful flowers in bloom. And, regardless it’s a beautiful spot to take photos.

The Couple

Erika and Taylor both seemed laid back. They traveled from Minnesota to Washington for their engagement photos and Point Defiance Park was the perfect spot to capture it all. I loved how they laughed with each other and genuinely had fun taking pictures. Though they had already had photos taken in Minnesota, getting to work with them was tons of fun and I am sure will help make their wedding photos amazing. Watching them laugh as they walked hand in hand around the park paths was a treat for me to see. We even had a huge ship in the harbor to use as part of the background.

The ring in the center of a stump at Point Defiance Park.

The Engagement Ring

I love hearing the story behind the engagement ring. I’ve heard everything from how the proposal happened to the reason for the stones picked to this one. Taylor gave Erika this family heirloom.

It’s a stunning set of magnificent diamonds. There’s a square diamond flanked by two round diamonds on each side. The ring was a perfect fit so no alterations were needed. Statistically, it rarely fits without being resized. Yet for these two, it was the perfect fit.

The Photos

To be honest, we had perfect weather to take Erika and Taylor’s engagement pictures at Point Defiance Park. I honestly never know what I will see and I am so glad they picked this spot. Enjoy their engagement photos, nestled in the mix are the eagle and the little ducks he was after.

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