Olympic Forest Engagement

June 28, 2020

Olympic Forest Engagement - Bainbridge Island

Savanna & Buck | Olympic Forest Engagement at The Grand Forest, Bainbridge Island, WA

Grand Forest Bainbridge Island Engagement Couple

The Grand Forest

Who wouldn’t love an Olympic forest engagement photoshoot? The Grand Forest on the Olympic Peninsula is right off the road and comes up unexpectedly. We found small parking lots in various spots that lead to a spectacular forest view with knee-high ferns under a canopy of evergreen trees. There is nothing like an Olympic Forest engagement in the Grand Forest near Bainbridge Island, Washington! I love the adventure of meeting a couple for the first time. Before this engagement, I hadn’t been to the Grand Forest. To get to this spectacular location, take a ferry from Seattle across Puget Sound or drive through Tacoma and across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Either way, going to The Grand Forest near Bainbridge Island, Washington is a picturesque trip worth every minute.

The Grand Forest is worth the trip, even if you are not going for a photoshoot. There are bridges along the meandering paths with spots that open up to show beautiful, filtered light. Come to find out, this forest isn’t too far from beach views, too. You’ll find 8 miles of trails in an understory of largely second-growth forest with a wood bridge over Issei Creek and a small pond on the eastern boundary. In my opinion, it’s a great place to go for people of all ages. Though it’s not completely flat, you don’t need hiking shoes to visit.

Olympic Forest Photoshoot

I brought my husband on my trip to the Grand Forest and spent the day with Savanna and Buck and their puppy, Clover. It was fun to explore the forest paths and find the bridge along the way. Clover was so well behaved, no one would be able to guess her age. To be fair, animals and kids can be the most unpredictable parts of a shoot. I love discovering their personality. Honestly, I am so glad they brought her on our adventure.

I love that Savanna picked a white dress for the engagement shoot as she planned to wear a nontraditional white dress on her wedding day. And, Buck wore a comfortable, plaid shirt. The little details like the floral wreath in her hair and white sandals brought out the hues of her gorgeous red hair.

The Couple

Savanna and Buck were a true delight. I always feel like I find out so much in the time we spend together for the engagement shoot. One thing I can say is they both love each other and adore Clover. Watching them laugh as they walked hand in hand around the Olympic forest paths was a delight for me to see. I love their unique approach to planning their perfect wedding day. Buck wasn’t afraid to dip Savanna or pick her up and spin her around.

Emerald ring on moss

The Engagement Ring

Truly, the engagement ring was gorgeous. Savanna’s ring had an emerald surrounded by diamonds. Interestingly, it’s said that emerald are symbols of true love and good luck. In my opinion, its the perfect choice for this couple. Did you know, one of the most famous engagement rings was that of Jackie Kennedy? If you don’t believe me, just do a simple search for it. It’s just as spectacular as Savanna’s. Nestled on a bed of moss, I think the emerald and diamonds just pop!

The Photos

To be honest, I would have never selected the Grand Forest on the Olympic peninsula without Buck and Savanna’s suggestion. I am so glad they wanted to take their photos at this unique spot. Enjoy their engagement photos, especially the ones with Clover. She’s a sweetheart! I encourage you to visit the Olympic mountains especially if you live in the pacific northwest. It’s amazing all this beauty is just outside my door.

Finally, if you are looking for a photographer for your engagement or wedding, contact me and let’s create your own adventure.