Newborn Photo Session Tips

April 3, 2022

Newborn Photo Session Tips

Newborn Photo Session Tips
From Seattle, Washington Photographer

newborn photo session tips

I put together some newborn photo session tips for all my newborn parents. Newborn photo sessions can be a lot of fun. Photographers who specialize in newborn photography are all different in how they go about setting up your time together. I prefer to do a combo of two sessions. Maternity and a newborn session will allow us to meet and prepare for the newborn shoot. I have put together a few newborn photo session tips you can follow to help our time together be easy and stress-free.

Newborn Photo Session Tip #1:

The biggest tip for both sessions is to keep the comfort for you and your baby in mind. So, dress in comfortable clothes, and set up the area for the session with their comfort in mind.

Newborn Photo Session Tip #2:

The first step is to schedule your newborn session ahead of time. Most photographers will only do newborn sessions when infants are between 5 to 14 days old. Therefore, it is essential to book your session well in advance. I will take them whenever you schedule the session. However, the sleepy baby photos everyone loves are challenging after the 14th day. Also, if the baby is overdue when born, it will not sleep long after the 10th day.

Tip #3:

Newborn Photo Session Tips - Torin

Another tip is to keep your baby awake before the session. Newborns are most photogenic when they sleep, so keep them awake for as long as possible before the session. Attempting this step can help them fall asleep effortlessly during the shoot. I will often schedule the session around their regular nap time. Your baby sets the schedule, and occasionally they will not sleep at their ordinary times.

Tip #4:

A common question is whether to feed or not to feed a baby before a session. The best time to feed your baby is 20-30 minutes before your session. By doing this, you are ensuring that your baby is full and content during the shoot.

Tip #5:

Most of the pictures will be of your baby swaddled or without clothes. If you have a cute tutu, hat, glasses, headband, or other outfits, we can shoot some photos with these. I try to avoid anything too busy or distracting.

Tip #6:

Relax and enjoy the experience. Newborn photo shoots can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a little stressful. Try to relax and enjoy the session. The more relaxed you are, the more your baby can relax and enjoy it.

Tip #7:

I prefer to come to you for the photoshoot. It’s easier on you as parents and on the baby. Traveling with your child can take extra time and effort during the first few weeks of life. So, I will bring my equipment and props to you.

Newborn Photo Session Tip #8:

I do some posed images, but most photos will be lifestyle-type pictures. I will not take photos that might harm your baby. Safety is my goal.

With the price of your session, I include props, different colored wraps, and backdrops. Please let me know if you have something specific in mind.

Newborn Photo Session Tip #9:

Newborn Photo Session Tips

If you are nursing your baby, I have found some children will want to feed more if you hold them during the session. However, I love it when parents help. If the baby only wants to nurse, we may need to have the non-nursing partner or myself hold your little one.

Tip #10:

Many parents wonder what they should wear for a newborn session. As with most of my photoshoots, I recommend dressing comfortably. You will be spending time sitting or standing, so it is essential to dress comfortably. Choose clothes you can move around in and feel good in. Remember, clothes don’t have to match, but you can color coordinate.

Tip #11:

Newborn Photo Session Tips

Newborn photo shoots can be long, so I recommended having snacks and drinks for yourself and your partner. You will want to stay hydrated and energized throughout the shoot. Remember, we are on your baby’s schedule. Babies can take their time falling asleep.

Tip #12:

My last tip is to prepare for anything. Newborns are unpredictable, so be ready to handle whatever may come is your best path to success. Your baby may be fussy, they may spit up, they might even pee or poop, or they may even fall asleep. Just roll with it and try to enjoy the experience.

Following these newborn photoshoot tips will help to have a successful and enjoyable newborn photo session. Contact me if you need a photographer for your maternity or newborn photo session. I would love to be the one that captures these special moments for you.