Lake Wilderness Engagement

June 8, 2022

Lake Wilderness Engagement

Magda & Coley | Engagement at Lake Wilderness Park

Lake Wilderness Engagement

Lake Wilderness Park

Conveniently, I planned to meet Magda and Coley at Lake Wilderness Park for their engagement. The park is very close to my house. There are great features at this park for photography. Just off the lodge is a magnificent view of Mount Rainier and there is a beautiful arboretum, forest trails, lake views with a boat dock, open meadows, bridges, and wildlife. All these features are perfect for a Lake Wilderness engagement.

The weather was perfect. We had a clear view of the mountain. We could get to the bridge to the right of the lake without walking through mud.

I don’t recommend swimming in the lake but it’s a great place to get some amazing photos. There is such a variety of backdrops within walking distance of the parking lot. Even if it’s raining or super windy, Lake Wilderness Park is full of hidden photographic gems.

Along the path, there is a little stream flowing into the lake with two bridges to cross it. There are fence lines and off-the-path spots to explore, too.

Lake Wilderness Engagement

First, we started with the view of Mount Rainier and walked around the lake. We used the trees near some picnic tables and the tall reeds by the lake’s edge. We used the dock but instead of the long side, we used the shorter side. People were using the longer side to fish. Plus, the light was better on the shorter docks.

Also, we used the hollowed-out tree stump on the right side of the lake. They climbed up inside for a cool picture and then we walked to the small bridge to the left of the trail. It can often be muddy in this spot but it was not. Sometimes people use the picnic tables just beyond the bridge but there was no one there when we used the bridge. We used the grassy meadow area and then walked down the clear path along the stream, too.

After that, we walked towards the parking lot by the lodge. Then, we walked to the arboretum. There were pink and purple flowers in full bloom. This garden has benches placed beneath shady trees and amazing plants carefully placed along the paths.

When we stopped to take some photos by the flowers there were several honey bees buzzing around us but we managed to get some great photos anyway.

The Couple

Coley teased that he and Magda met the old-fashioned way. They met online with a dating app. I enjoyed his dry sense of humor throughout the photoshoot. One of the reasons for the quick engagement was Magda’s family was coming to visit from outside the US. Thus, it was important to her for her family to be a part of her wedding. I feel so honored to be able to capture their wedding day.

The Ring

The Engagement Ring

I love the simplicity of this engagement ring. In the 1930s, the jewelry maker De Beers had an ad campaign that started the myth which claims an engagement ring should cost about two months’ worth of your salary just to create enticement to buy diamonds.

Regardless of this myth, this beautiful solitaire was carefully selected. This diamond was breathtaking. I nestled it in the petals of one of the roses in the bouquet for this picture, too.

The Photos

To be honest, Lake Wilderness park is a perfect spot for engagement photos. There are so many great places that are easy to reach. You don’t have to hike up hills and there are nice paths to use, too. On this day, the weather was perfect and the pictures were tons of fun to take. Enjoy their engagement photos! I definitely enjoyed capturing them.

Finally, if you are looking for a photographer for your engagement or wedding, contact me, and let’s create a masterpiece just for you.