The Importance of a Contract

September 15, 2021

Importance of A Signed Contract

The Importance of a Contract For Clients and Photographers

Start The Photography Process With A Contract

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After recent experiences with potential clients, I feel compelled to talk about the importance of a contract. Some people are surprised to find I start any photography session request with a contract. First, I have a contract because I believe a contract protects both the client and myself. The importance of a contract is undeniable because it clearly outlines the parameters of my photography process and shows the framework of what we discussed. Whether a contract is for a senior photoshoot or your wedding day, the contract is custom designed to fit your session.

A Contract Will Safeguard A Positive Photography Experience

You might find others who don’t use contracts but I believe a contract is necessary to ensure the integrity of my business and products. I have a passion to capture life’s special moments and from that passion, I value my reputation and furthering my business.

Over the years and especially during the pandemic, I have encountered some of the saddest stories when there wasn’t a contract. With a contract, I agree to show up and I will follow the perimeters we have agreed to. I will edit your pictures based on my style which means I will keep your images true to color with a full gallery of amazing photos to share with family and friends.

Though it might seem scary to sign on the dotted line, a contract is one of the safest ways to protect you and your special event. It’s a written handshake which ensures we will all show up for the date and time booked. A contract outlines the products and services I offer so there’s no question you are getting what you pay for and vice versa, I will be paid for my time and effort.

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A Contract Protects Against Scams

A contract is protection for both of us. Just as you don’t want to be scammed, I don’t want to be either. In asking for a retainer fee and a signed contract, I am ensuring my services for the date and time of your event. And, with a signed agreement, I know the event is authentic. To ensure I am at your event, I block off that day just for you. I won’t double book so a retainer will allow me to trust that I will be paid and you will get the services I offer.

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Understanding the Significance of a Contract and The Price Quote

In the contract, I offer a custom price to fit your event and needs. As the price is part of our agreement, it’s always listed in the contract. My prices are based on:

  • The amount of time I shoot

  • How long it takes me to edit (In general, it can take around 10 hours per hour of coverage to edit photos.)

  • Time for me to research the area of your photoshoot

  • My expertise and talent

  • Reserving the day

  • Administrative costs such as; editing software, photo storage, licensing and fees, and equipment

  • Products I provide such as USB sticks, online galleries and prints, etc.

  • My Travel expenses

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I make every effort to ensure the ideal experience for you. And, I consider each item above when I customize your contract. 

The Importance of a Contract and Your Peace of Mind

When you are looking for a photographer, I suggest asking as many questions until you are satisfied. Check my work and make sure that you like my style.

The importance of a contract means peace of mind for you as a client and for me as a photographer. I’d also suggest to carefully read and sign a contract. Avoid the headache and hardship on your special day and trust me, signing a contract is so important! It’s one of the safest ways to ensure you get what you want. Last, a signed contract is peace of mind for us both. 

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If you are looking for a photographer, contact me. Without a doubt, I would love to be your photographer.