Hamilton Park Wedding

September 15, 2022

Hamilton Park Wedding

Christian and Alex’s Wedding
Wedding: Seattle Courthouse
Reception: Hamilton Park
Seattle, WA
On: September 14th, 2022

Hamilton Park Wedding

Hamilton Park

Christian and Alex had a courthouse wedding in Seattle, and then we followed up with couple and family photos at Hamilton Park near Alki Beach. If you have never been to this side of Puget Sound, it gives you a great view of the Seattle city skyline. This Hamilton Park wedding was one of my favorites. Interestingly, Hamilton Park isn’t right on the water and is rarely crowded. It’s perfect for what we had in mind. 

Hamilton Park, also known as Hamilton Viewpoint Park, was established as a park in 1954. It sits on 16.9 acres and has beautiful landscaped trees and foliage with a great view of Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline. While I waited, I could see ships coming into the harbor and some of the activity in the water.

Getting Ready and First Look Photos

Before sunrise, I met Christian, Alex, and their families at their hotel in Seattle. Wedding preparations were in full swing. But, because of the location, I couldn’t get in without a card or have someone let me in. Christian’s dad came and let me in so I could capture their special moments. I took getting-ready photos, first look with Christian and her dad, plus some with the bride and groom, too. Though photography like this in a hotel room is not ideal, I know they still wanted to capture these moments of their wedding day.

The Details

The bride’s ring was quite a statement piece. It had a solitaire square-cut diamond flanked by two smaller square-cut diamonds on each side. Plus, it had several more embedded in the band itself.

The groom’s ring was a gold band. I used the groom’s ring as a base for some of the ring photos I took. Honestly, these shots are like a puzzle. I love creating them.

The bride’s bouquet was a present from her mom. It was a silk flower arrangement with purple and white roses and tulips nestled together and tied with a pretty purple bow. The bride wore cute tan sandals with her white floor-length dress.

The little stuffed penguin you will see in the photos below is something the couple brings for every adventure they take. For them, it was an important photo to take.

The Bride

When I first heard about the wedding, it wasn’t by the couple. One of the bride’s friends contacted me and wanted Christian to have wedding photos as a gift. Honestly, I fell in love with their story and wanted to help make this present happen. Also, Christian’s friend understood her desire to document her wedding day. I always look at wedding photos as a couple’s first heirloom. So, I get the significance.

Christian was excited when I met her. She had carefully planned everything out. Her hair had a pretty crystal-covered butterfly headband and matching hair clip to hold her hair back. Plus, a matching delicate necklace and earrings. Her form-fitted, off-the-shoulder lace gown was perfect. Her aunt, grandma, and a close friend helped her get ready. They helped her with her dress, belt, shoes, and hair. She was perfect for a wedding at the courthouse and Hamilton Park.

The Bride

The Groom

Though my interaction with the bride and groom was short, I still appreciated hearing how they met and getting to know them a bit. Alex is from South America. His mom flew here to be a part of their wedding day. He was quiet and reserved. However, I could see the love he has for Christian.

He wore a black suit, a black tie with a white collared shirt. And, though he was hesitant about doing the first-look photos, he surprised his bride by agreeing to do them.

The groom

Christian and Alex - Hamilton Park Wedding

First Look

I usually have more time to plan the first-look photos. But sometimes, I have to use the space I have. Because it was pretty dark outside and we were short on time, I decided to have the first look with Christian and her dad inside their hotel room. I think they turned out great.

As I mentioned, Alex wasn’t too excited about doing the first look photos but surprised Christian with his willingness to make her happy. The great thing about these moments is they help relieve anxiety and stress before the ceremony. If you are on the fence about doing a first look, this is always a great reason to do them. Every time I do a first look, I am so glad I do. Christian and Alex’s first moments were sweet.

Courthouse Ceremony

When considering having a courthouse wedding, check what is involved. As was in the case of Christian and Alex’s wedding, they scheduled a time with the court. That way, the judge was available at the designated time. They had to be on time.

Furthermore, the location of the ceremony might surprise you, too. In Seattle, weddings are at the juvenile courthouse. Especially in the last few years, know the number of guests who can attend your courthouse ceremony. And, know how much time you have. If you can’t have a photographer or videographer present, have a friend or family member takes a few shots with their phone at least.

Because the couple could only have a few guests at the courthouse for their ceremony, I drove to Hamilton Park and waited for them to arrive.

Wedding Party and Family Photos

Next, I was ready when everyone arrived at Hamilton Park to celebrate this wedding. To prepare, I visited the park to find the perfect views to capture photos of Christian and Alex. The couple’s day was perfect. It wasn’t too cold, hardly any wind or rain. We took family and friends photos. And, because Hamilton Park was relatively empty, we had our choice of spots for wedding photos.

Hamilton Park Wedding Couple Shots

Since this was a different setup from a full-day wedding, I tried to make the most of the time for pictures. I took couple shots after we did the family and wedding party photos. Hamilton Park is a great place for photos. I love getting pictures of the rings on the couple’s hands. Honestly, my favorite shots are the kissing shots. The couple is usually more relaxed. Plus, I get genuine smiles and sweet kissing photos once the ceremony is complete.

The Restaurant Reception

Because my time was short, I didn’t go with the couple to the restaurant. I am sure they had a great time. Additionally, I found a new location to take pictures as this was my first time at Hamilton Park. This place is a perfect wedding spot. Congratulations to Christian and Alex! I am honored to get to capture your wedding day!

Lastly, if you are looking for a photographer for your engagement or wedding, contact me, and let’s create your own adventure.