5 Ways To Reallocate Your COVID Wedding Budget

January 23, 2021

As we are all aware by now, the pandemic has had a major impact on the wedding landscape. Consequently, it has also had an impact on the average wedding budget.

While some couples won’t be able to enjoy the special day they had originally envisioned, and some have decided to postpone, others have seen it as an opportunity. An opportunity to rethink their wedding day, and to really focus on what’s most important to them as a couple.

A newlywed bride and groom lay next to each other, looking into each others' eyes, while posing for Washington wedding photographer Adina Stiles.

Small weddings can be seen as a chance to reallocate parts of your wedding budget, and to splurge on certain items that wouldn’t have been an option with a big wedding! 

With less guests comes less need for a big, expensive venue, less mouths to feed, less party favours, less space to decorate. And, you know what they say…less is more! That is, more money to spend on things that get you super excited about your special day.

Here are a few fantastic ways to reallocate your wedding budget during COVID-19.

Add your wedding budget to the honeymoon fund

While traveling right now isn’t ideal, it won’t be this way forever! Why not use your leftover wedding budget to start building your honeymoon fund, so that you can take an awesome trip together in the future?

A newlywed couple in Washington standing in front of a camper decide to spend some of their wedding budget on a honeymoon.

If you don’t want to wait, you could look into splurging on a relaxing staycation—just the two of you. Is there a romantic Airbnb nearby just calling your name? Bonus points if it has a private hot tub!

This really depends on your comfort level and the current safety regulations in your area, so be sure to do your research and stay safe.

Enjoy an amazing meal together

One of the benefits of an intimate wedding or elopement is that you’ll have fewer mouths to feed (and keep “hydrated”!). 

Since you may only be able to enjoy a meal with your partner, why not treat yourselves to the ultimate menu? You may not be able to eat out, but some restaurants in your area may still be offering delicious take-home meal options, or you can splurge on fresh ingredients and cook up your favourite meal together!

Of course, don’t forget the fancy champagne and decadent dessert. You deserve it!

Plan the ultimate elopement with your wedding budget

Intimate weddings aren’t the only option for those interested in tying the knot during COVID. You may also want to consider an elopement!

Eloping isn’t for everybody, but for some couples, an elopement is ideal.

A newlywed couple decides to spend their wedding budget on a beautiful dress, florals, and Washington wedding photography.

Picture it: Just the two of you—accompanied by an officiant and probably a photographer (who can also act as your witness)—in a beautiful location of your choosing, truly soaking up the moment.

If you choose to spend your wedding budget on an elopement, you can really indulge on the stuff that matters most to you. From the location, to what you wear, to who captures your special day, to where you enjoy your first meal and night together as a married couple…the options are endless! 

Get the dream dress

The dream dress, the dream tux, the dream hair, the dream makeup…if you’re reallocating your wedding budget because of COVID, why not go for it?

Something I love about small weddings is that you get to be the priority. Big weddings are so much fun, and they will always have an equally big place in my heart, but they can also be hectic. Sometimes, you end up trying to make so many people happy, you forget what this day is supposed to be all about…you! 

A bride with a beautiful clip in her curled blonde hair reads her vows to her groom wearing a blue tux at their wedding in Washington.

So if you want to feel like an absolute bombshell on your wedding day, this is your chance! 

Even if there aren’t as many people there to see you in person, this is a day that will be captured and remembered for the rest of your lives. And that brings me to my next, and final, idea for ways to spend your COVID wedding budget…

Hire an amazing wedding photographer

If there’s one thing that you should splurge on for your wedding during COVID (and anytime for that matter), it’s your photographer.

It may sound a bit biased—I know—but quality photos creating lasting, clear memories. Not only will you look back at these photos for years to come, but they’ll help tell your love story to those who weren’t able to witness it in person. With the right photographer, you’ll be able to capture all the little moments and details that matter most.

A groom stands under the veil and embraces his bride, while she places her hands on his face, and the moment is captured by Adina Stiles Photography.

Wedding photos are something to be cherished, and the photographer you hire can make a big difference. If there’s one thing many couples say they wish they had spent more money on, it’s often wedding photography!

A great wedding photographer also often acts as a helping hand throughout the day. It’s commonly joked that photographers end up playing multiple roles at weddings. They’ll hype you up when you need it, fix those flyaway hairs and makeup smudges, corral guests from one area to another, and calm you down when you’re feeling overwhelmed…among other things! 
If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Washington, let’s chat! I would love to get to know you better and have the opportunity to capture your special day, no matter how big or small the guest list is.