Apple Of His Eye and A Father’s Love

September 26, 2018

Apple of his eye and a father's love. Father holding his daughter.What’s the Apple of His eye – Is this your focus?

I know, I shared a picture of this dad already but they were so much fun to capture with my camera. He just truly loves his daughter and she definitely adores him. She’s the apple of his eye and a father’s love is a great foundation. For her, his love is everything. Without question, a dad creates the basis for what all other relationships are going to be.

A father’s Love

It precious to see how he interacted with his little girl. She’s definitely the apple of his eye and his focus. It’s just not something you can fake. He truly loves his precious little girl. No matter what she does, she will have his loyalty and protection. And, I loved being able to capture the true essence of this family. Photography is what I do and I love it!

A Photographer’s Focus

Honestly, it’s these little moments that I strive to get. They are my focus. I truly don’t feel like I capture the moment until I get an epic shot that conveys the powerful feelings between those in my shot. This father’s love is what I am attempting to capture. And, what better way to get it than when she is the apple of his eye and a father’s love can be expressed as he holds her in his arms.

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