20 Eye-Catching Venues In Washington

January 21, 2023

20 Eye-Catching Wedding Venues in Washington

20 Eye-catching Wedding Venues in Washington
From the perspective of a Photographer

20 Eye-Catching Venues In Washington

If you are getting married in Washington or the Pacific Northwest, I have a few venue favorites! From waterfront venues to forests and landmarks, I have created a list of places sure to give a wow factor for you and all your guests on your wedding day. These are just 20 eye-catching wedding venues I’ve found in Washington. Believe me, there are many more venues that I didn’t have room to share.

Just for fun, ignore how much a venue or location might cost. Instead, ask yourself where your dream wedding would be. The great thing about this part of the United States is the diversity of places and views.

Washington alone has ocean beaches, city views, forests, incredible landmarks, and lakes galore. So, where would you want to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life? How about one of these

As a wedding photographer, I have the unique perspective of stunning views around Washington. All around Washington, there are romantic places guaranteed to wow your family and friends and keep the focus on you.

Gray Bridge
Sultan, WA

20 Eye-Catching Wedding Venues - Gray Bridge

Gray Bridge is one of my favorite spots to photograph. This venue features a pond and the bridge the place is named after. In addition, they have thought of everything you will need to celebrate your outdoor wedding day.

The site of the ceremony along a waterfront gives beautiful forest and garden views. They have truly thought of every detail. My favorite features include a private first-look area plus a bench by the pond path for your escort to the ceremony.

Gray Bridge’s focal point is its bridge and pond, but it has hidden gems throughout. Though the venue is just over 16 acres, it is designed to maximize the space.

My favorite features are the path around the pond to the ceremony area, the covered tent reception area, the spectacular bridge that leads to the bridal suite, and the dance floor.

This venue is available from 10 am to 11 pm, with parking for 75 vehicles and 150 guests.

Twin Willows Garden
Snohomish, WA

Twin Willows Garden is a lush garden with an incredible view. This venue may be on a hill, but it is not noticeable by its creative design. The ceremony area is in the old-growth forest with opportunities for unique seating arrangements. When I photographed a wedding there, the seating was in a spiral, allowing the guests to surround the couple in their special moments.

The reception is under a magnificent tent with chandeliers. It has fake turf grass to keep you and your guests from tripping. There are garden spots for intimate moments, a thoughtful setup of the bridal suite and groom’s lodge, and little details throughout that make this wedding venue unique.

Take photos by the big barn doors, under one of the garden arch gates, or embrace the forest itself. There is enough capacity for 150 guests.

20 Eye-Catching Venues Twin Willows Garden

Rein Fire Ranch
Ravensdale, WA

Kate and Ryan

If you are looking for a barn-type venue, look no further than Rein Fire Ranch. Honestly, there is plenty more offered at this eye-catching wedding venue. I grew up in the Sugarloaf Mountain Valley, spending many hours exploring the area around Rein Fire Ranch.

We rode horses, went hiking, and spent hours exploring the forest in this area. It’s a bit of country, with a laid-back vibe but still sophisticated, with its massive barn, gorgeous ceremony area, and some cozy spots for guests and couples to enjoy.

Rein Fire Ranch sits on a sprawling 45-acre ranch with a massive barn, ceremony area, bridal suites for getting ready, onsite restrooms, tons of parking, and amenities to pull off an epic event.

Additionally, this venue has a capacity of 225 people and has a curfew of 10 pm. I have visited this beautiful place but haven’t had the chance to photograph a wedding there. I guarantee it’s on my bucket list of venues to photograph.

Treehouse Point
Fall City, WA

Savanna and Buck

If you are looking for an intimate forest-style wedding venue, Treehouse Point is the perfect place! Your wedding at this location is near mossy trees, ferns, and the sound of the river flowing nearby.

There are seven cleverly built treehouses, plus a rustic lodge. All the treehouses surround a pond, with a cedar-lined Pond Room used for cocktail hour and receptions.

Treehouse Point can allow guests to stay overnight. However, if you are just there for a wedding, the curfew is 11 pm. This venue has a bridal suite and changing-type rooms for your wedding party. In addition, it has onsite restrooms, wifi, dining areas including tables and chairs, and has the capacity for 80 people.

Just remember, if you are afraid of heights, you should reconsider booking this venue.

The Hidden Farm
Buckley, WA

The Hidden Farm is by far one of my favorites. This wedding venue is a historical-working farm. They only take a handful of couples per year as the owners have worked hard to restore this place to the splendor of 1913.

Enjoy the massive barn, rustic benches, and ideal ceremony setup with a spectacular view of Mount Rainier. They have a bridal cottage and a wedding den for the bride and groom to get ready. Not far from the ceremony area, you can visit some animals grazing in the nearby pastures.

There is so much more than just a barn at this wedding venue. This farm has hidden paths, with park-style benches and stunning views. If you book the Hidden Farm, you get 12 hours of wedding time with the capacity for up to 200 guests.

20 Eye-Catching Venues in Washington - The Hidden Farm

Chateau Rive
Spokane, WA

Chateau Rive is one of the historic buildings in Spokane, WA. It once was part of an old flour mill built in 1895. In 1974, the building became a shopping center with little shops and restaurants. The venue is on a separate floor in the mill. It features granite and brick walls, massive oak doors, and a view of the Spokane river.

The outdoor courtyard’s European architecture and landscape are unexpectedly perfect for an elegant outdoor ceremony. This venue also allows you to have an indoor wedding with a castle-like feel. Even though part of the building contains little shops and a great restaurant, Chateau Rive seems intimate.

This venue seats 200 guests indoors or outdoors, and catering is onsite by Red Rock Catering.

Chateau Rive

Ravenwoods Farm
Ravensdale, WA

Ravenwoods Farm is located near Lake Retreat about 45 minutes from Seattle, WA. This venue is meant to be an intimate setting with seating for around 40 guests and space for up to 15 cars. It sports 3 different locations for ceremonies. There is a forest area, lawn, and barn that can all be used for your ceremony or reception.

As a photographer, this space is very versatile with forest areas, inside and outside the barn, farm animals, and a circular swing. There are other unique spots around the venue that are ideal for an upscale farm-like feel. The barn has a private bridal loft, a beautiful bar, and spacious seating with a large roll-up door in the front.

20 Eye-catching wedding venues - Ravenwoods Farm

Thornwood Castle
Lakewood, WA 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph several weddings at Thornwood Castle. It’s by far one of my favorite places to go. It sits on the shore of American Lake in Lakewood, WA. This venue has all sorts of eye-catching features worth capturing on your wedding day.

Furthermore, it has been around for over 100 years. You will find stained glass, a hallway of mirrors, a life-size chess board, and a “secret” garden on these beautifully kept grounds. Certainly, Thornwood Castle is considered a destination wedding venue in the Pacific Northwest. You can celebrate your wedding vows in the English garden, on the spacious grounds, or in Great Hall.

There are suites to use while getting ready for your wedding and accommodations to have guests stay at the castle. If you dream of getting married in a castle, this is the perfect spot! This venue can seat 125 guests and only allows weddings until 10 pm.

20 Eye-Catching Wedding Venues - Thornwood Castle

Willows Lodge
Woodinville, WA

Willows Lodge is not just a place to stay, it is one of the best wedding venues in Washington. This venue allows for both indoor and outdoor ceremony locations around the grounds. I believe there are at least three different outdoor ceremony locations. Depending on the size of your wedding, you can use the copper-roofed gazebo, the Sammamish Ballroom, or one of the smaller garden settings.

There are several unique features to use as a backdrop at this venue. You will want to take a few photos inside the burnt-out tree. A little hut and upturned tree roots make an impressive landscape too. The parking lot has places to use, such as a manicured hedge, a little wooden bridge, and garden paths.

This venue has a spa, an award-winning restaurant, and a hotel. Catering comes straight from the Barking Frog restaurant for all your reception and cocktail hour needs. Depending on the size of your party, you can use the ballroom, patio, foyer, or garden gazebo and Burke room for your reception and up to 200 guests.

Willows Lodge

The Kelley Farm
Bonney Lake, WA

The Kelley Farm was originally a wedding gift in 1907, giving this venue ample amounts of character and charm. Though the main attraction is the barn, you will also find beautiful gardens, a patio, the bridal cottage, and the groom’s quarters. The massive barn at this farm allows for up to 300 guests, and you can stay until 11 pm.

Some fun facts about Kelley Farm are that it is part of the Naches Trail. The first house and barn burned to the ground, it was once a dairy and a brewery. Most interesting, it has stayed in the Kelley family for generations.

If you are looking for a spectacular wedding venue with a country vibe, try Kelley Farm.

The Manor House at Pleasant Beach - Bainbridge Island

The Manor House at Pleasant Beach
Bainbridge Island, WA

The Manor House at Pleasant Beach is on Bainbridge Island, WA. There are two ways to get to this venue; by ferry or by crossing the Tacoma Narrows bridge. The Manor House is a mansion with a waterfront view overlooking Puget Sound.

Next to the mansion is a solarium that allows for an outdoor feel while still providing protection from the elements. Most weddings use the Solarium for both the ceremony and the reception. However, more intimate weddings can also be in the library.

The Manor House has forest areas, landscaped gardens, and Tudor-style interiors. It offers in-house catering and can accommodate up to 150 guests. Plus, there is a connected hotel.

20 Eye-Catching Venues The Loft

The Loft
Chehalis, WA

The Loft is one of the most spacious indoor venues in the South Sound area of Washington.

This unique venue is in Chehalis, WA. It was originally a mercantile store, then a Sears store. Most importantly, one of its best features is it holds 300 guests.

In this building, you can do it all and not worry about the weather outside. In addition, there are spaces to get ready, have an elegant ceremony, mingle during cocktail hour, and party during your reception.

It’s not too far from Seattle or Portland for traveling guests but is conveniently off of I-5.

Stocker Farms
Snohomish, WA

Stocker Farms (also known as Snohomish Red Barn Events) is a fun place with unique features to enjoy. It’s located near the town of Snohomish, WA. Consequently, the big red barn where most weddings take place is surrounded by crops and a view of the Cascade Mountains. In addition, this venue uses old farm equipment for family adventure fun with a harvest combine slide, tractor tire mountain, and more.

There is a bridal loft within the barn and a groom’s tiny house off to the right of the ceremony area. The ceremony is on a concrete slab with wooden benches and a ladder arch at the front. You will find a giant-sized rocking chair, an old farm truck, and an assortment of other buildings and equipment all for a fun wedding experience.

20 Eye-Catching Wedding Venues - Stocker Farms

Lake Wilderness Lodge
Maple Valley, WA

Lake Wilderness Lodge is not only beautiful, it’s almost in my backyard. So, I think it needs to be on this list. This eye-catching wedding venue might surprise you with all it has to offer. However, it’s not just a city park. If you look around, you will discover woodland trails and old-growth trees. Plus, hidden in plain sight are bridges, the Arboretum, the dock, wooden arches, and secluded benches to enjoy.

Inside the lodge are areas for an indoor ceremony, reception, and more. There is a balcony off the back with a spectacular view of Mount Rainier and the lake. Plus, a grassy lawn that is perfect for a waterfront wedding with this mountain view.

This historic venue has much to offer. The lodge was once built as a resort and included an airstrip. Moreover, an iconic picture from the Lodge looking towards Mount Rainier is a plus at any wedding.

Lake Wilderness Lodge
Salish Lodge & Spa

Salish Lodge & Spa
Snoqualmie, WA

At Salish Lodge & Spa, there is a breathtaking view of Snoqualmie Falls, making this venue a destination wedding spot in the Pacific Northwest. This venue can host up to 100 guests and features cliffside views, a wine cellar, an atrium, and a ballroom.

As a photographer, this is a bucket list spot to shoot a wedding. Certainly, not very many venues can offer this unique experience and view. Salish Lodge is located in the Cascade Mountains and is an easy drive from Seattle, WA.

They have seven different rooms of various sizes and atmospheres and on-site catering. The Salish Lodge has places both inside and outdoors to see Snoqualmie Falls. Even if you are not attending a wedding, check out this iconic feature of Washington.

Caitlin and Scott

Pickering Barn
Issaquah, WA

Pickering Barn is a dairy barn built in the 1800s owned by the city of Issaquah. If you want a rustic barn wedding, this is a great choice!

This venue has a dairy barn, hay barn, banquet rooms, a courtyard, and a gazebo. Likewise, they have space for the bride and groom to get ready, greeting areas, and more.

Though this venue has staff to assist you with booking and venue-related questions, you will need to book other vendors for this venue.

Above all, this rustic venue is a must-see and can host up to 400 guests with plenty of parking.

Savanna and Buck's wedding

Sleeping Lady Resort
Leavenworth, WA

The Sleeping Lady Resort is packed with different areas to celebrate your wedding day.

For example, there are different areas around the resort for outdoor ceremonies and five different indoor spaces with unique vibes.

Check out the Knoll or the Chapel Theater with indoor and outdoor spaces. These two spots will surprise you.

If you are looking for a venue east of the Cascade Mountains, this might be the perfect venue for you. This wedding venue is also a resort so you and your guests can stay and enjoy all this stunning venue has to offer.

Laurel Creek Manor
Sumner, WA

Laurel Creek Manor, named after Laurel Cabodi, is an eye-catching venue. It holds a special place in my heart as it was my own wedding venue choice. Laurel Cabodi envisioned a place to host weddings. She sadly lost her battle with ALS, but her family still runs this beautiful place.

The entire estate is beautifully decorated and maintained. There is a tented reception area off the side of the house, an arched-covered driveway, and plenty of parking. Furthermore, my favorite feature of Laurel Creek Manor is its gardens.

This venue is incredibly versatile, with options inside and out. If you have an intimate wedding, there is plenty of space in the Manor House. However, don’t miss the barn out back, and you could even finish your event with a firework display.

back of a dress

Trinity tree farm

Trinity Tree Farm
Issaquah, WA

Trinity Tree Farm has two location choices for your wedding day, a country barn or an elegant lodge. Either location also allows for outdoor ceremony areas.

At Trinity Tree Farm, there is a view of Mount Rainier, plus all the trees and landscaped lawn spaces.

Although I have offered plenty of barn venues, this venue is more than worthy of this list.

In addition, this venue allows 150 guests with bridal suites and private decks. There are fire pits, a gazebo, and ceremony arches.

Sagecliffe Resort & Spa
(Cave B)

Quincy, WA

Sagecliffe Resort & Spa is in eastern Washington and has a breathtaking view of the Columbia River Gorge near Quincy, WA. It sits next to Cave B Winery and is one of a kind. 

A friend of mine mentioned this place when I was looking for a place to meet a couple from Idaho. Therefore, I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful couple at this venue. As you enter the winery, you drive under a tree-lined road. There is a pond with willow trees and benches to sit on. There are grassy areas for outdoor ceremonies or you can use the Inn. 

This space has truly embraced the land. So, walk through the grapes and enjoy the breathtaking view that almost gives you a Grand Canyon vibe. 

Sagecliffe Resort & Spa

There are hundreds of wedding venues to choose from, each with unique features and offerings. Although I wanted to include them all, I compiled a list of just 20 eye-catching wedding venues in Washington. What is your dream wedding location in the Pacific Northwest? If you need a photographer for your wedding, contact me. I would love to be the one that captures your special day.